Importance Of Recycling Electronic Goods

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Whether it is your kitchen toaster or your handheld mobile device, within these are micro-components, so small that you can barely see them. Yes, you would need a magnifying glass to see this lot. And yet, so many people – maybe you are one of them – have missed the mark so many times in your life. Particularly since the rise of the world-famous Silicon Valley in California, and even long since before the tech boom – and bust – and now – boom, boom and more boom (it seems to be an ongoing saga) – the amount of damage being done to the environment has been phenomenal.

If not that, it’s actually quite disturbing. Never mind pitching out unwanted kitchen appliances and discarding obsolete handheld devices, but just take a look at what it takes to produce these essential items. You could go to the deepest, darkest stretches of land in the Congo, Africa, and see the tons of mined land being piled up high, to say nothing of the gaping big holes being left behind. Just to mine for minerals to be refined for use in those tiniest of micro-components that you can hardly even see?

Indeed, and you can bet every dollar on that. It’s happening in your own country too. And what else has been happening in Toronto lately? Ah yes, there’s that. It’s not a landfill site or mining dump, but it is a depot almost right in the heart of the city. And it’s an electronic recycling toronto depot to be precise. This is the place that you will be bringing all your unwanted electronic junk; from the kitchen toaster, to the old cellphone that stopped working long ago, to the printing machine that saw better days and wasted a lot of paper and ink as well.